Sunday, November 12, 2017

Where do you keep your hand knits?

Besides the fiber arts studio conundrum, I also have an issue with managing all my hand knits. A friend suggested rugged antique-ish ladders for blankets. I found some at a new local consignment shop, Rekindle.

I don't like to hang scarves because they tend to stretch. But folded and hung, again on an old ladder, works just fine. (Hats and handwear go into some baskets.)

My wool socks get washed but once a year, just before I put them away for the season. The rest of the time they air out on a drying rack in my bedroom. This takes up a bit of room, but is doable.

But SWEATERS. My hand knit sweaters are too bulky for drawers and too heavy for hangers. During the off season, they rest in a big plastic tub in my closet. But I can't figure out how to manage them during sweater-wearing season besides draping them over a rocking chair in my bedroom.

How do you manage your hand knits?

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like that ladder idea!

My mitts and scarves are in big wicker laundry basket.
Knit socks are in my dresser

For my shawls and cardigans, I have a little hanging shelf thingy that hangs from the rod in my closet
Like this:

I have to figure out something else though, because I've got far too many cardigans now. It's pretty crammed in there.