Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolutions - 2007

The Parade section of this past Sunday's newspaper had a short, amusing article by Ellen Generes about making resolutions. The serious point of the article was to make resolutions you will keep instead of the usual self-improvement promises that result in a sense of failure by mid-March. What a good idea!

The only resolution I am making this year is to do something fun each month this year. So far, I have January through May covered:

January: Women's Weekend. Ordinarily, a bunch of us get together twice a year for a weekend of no kids and no men. We eat chocolate, drink wine, smoke cigarettes, watch R-rated movies, play cards, etc. This started when our kids were little, and now that most of us have empty nests, instead of being easier to get together, it just gets more and more difficult, especially in the fall. This past fall, we failed to get together at all, so now we are planning a makeup date this month.

February: John Prine, at the Embassy. I'm not big on crowds and crowded places, but when the performers I favor bother to include the Fort on their itenerary, I gotta go.

March: Basic sock class, at the Cass Street Depot. I'm sick of scarves and hats and fingerless gloves, but I don't want to do something big (still burnt out from that shawl and I have some afghans that have stalled), so socks sound like a good alternative.

April: The Fiber Event in Greencastle. If I can't have my own sheep, the next best thing is a fiber festival.

May: A writer's conference, "Zen Connection for Writers," at the Christine Center. I haven't actually signed up for this yet, but will, as soon as I find the brochure. The Christine Center is in Wisconsin, not too far from where my ancestors settled upon coming to this country. So, while I am in the neighborhood, I will visit a few gravesites.

There will also be more Women's Weekends, maybe another fiber festival, a vacation or two (my SO wants to go west this year), and hopefully some other good times in the near future.

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