Sunday, December 07, 2008

That Darn Internet

I've been looking for what appears not to exists: DK weight self-striping superwash sock yarn in manly colors. DK weight because xmas is rapidly closing in on us, self-striping because the sock pattern will be generic and I need some entertainment to see me through, we know why superwash, and manly colors because the socks will be for a man. Not an easy bill to fill.

But I did find DK weight superwash yarn in manly colors that, while not self-striping, will still amuse, at Simply Socks.

Schaefer Yarn Lola in "Toni Morrison". It is so lovely, I could not wait to cast on the socks.

And, since I could think of at least one other man who needs another pair of socks, I also bought "Empress Wu Zhao".

All fine and good. But then I made the mistake of checking out the sale items and wound up adding some Noro Kureyon Sock (I did not pick the colorway because that was the deal - potluck)...

... and also Cherry Tree Hill in "Island Red".

The next thing I knew, I had free shipping.

Lesson was not learned because within 24 hours I was also at Amazon, but we'll discuss that economic stimulus package on another day.

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beverlyanne said...

Well now I'll have to thank you for the link to Simply Socks. There goes my Christmas money.