Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Mas

I think I am done with neck warmers for now.

These two make four in all, two in Noro Silk Garden, the one above in Nashua Handknits Snowbird (which looks surprisingly like this one) and the one below in Autunno.

At some point, I tried on the Snowbird neck warmer and came to the conclusion that 50g of yarn is a bit stingy. I used up yarn leftover from the Pine Cone scarf for the other one, hence it is a bit more generous.

I would like to make myself a neck warmer, to wear when walking in the winter because the cold air makes my lungs ache. In my fantasy world, I could pull the neck warmer up over my mouth and warm the air by breathing through the wool. But that neck warmer can wait, because I am a little sick of them right now.

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