Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where was I?

It looks like family and friends and the xmas holidays take precedence over blogging, not just here but at many blogs around the world. Hope everyone is enjoying their respite.

Not much knitting has been happening lately, either. I was intrigued by a chapter in the Yarn Harlot's book Free Range Knitter where she describes going off into the middle of nowhere to finish some writing. She took a bit of knitting with her, anticipating lots of down time when not actively working, but much to her surprise, she did not knit all that much. Which raises the question of why we knit when we knit? I truly enjoy knitting, but sometimes I think I use it as an excuse to avoid other things that need my attention. It's a pretty good excuse, too, because it's an activity that actually produces something.

And speaking of Yarn Harlot, look what I got from my SO for xmas:

Now I have to toddle off to bed because, even though I am on vacation this week, I have scheduled something almost every day. Tomorrow is a morning teeth cleaning and an afternoon furnace cleaning.

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