Tuesday, December 09, 2008

That's Better

As you may recall, I was trying my hand at the 1x1 ribbed Noro Silk Garden scarf that everyone has been raving about. As you may also recall, I was not loving the results. Somehow I had picked two colorways that did not play well together. Also, I did not purchase enough yarn for a complete scarf. Not feeling inclined to throw good money after bad, I separated the squabbling colorways and made two neck warmers instead.

Now I am enchanted with the results.

Just like some creatures of the feline persuasion need to be in single-cat households, these colorways look their best going solo.

Pattern: Neck warmer from Knitty Keen
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden (I've lost the ball bands so I don't know the colorways)
Needles: US7 circs
Modifications: Cast on with a 1x1 ribbed long tail cast-on, knit until the yarn is almost gone, bound off with EZ's sewn bind off as described at knitty

This is the same pattern I used for a previous neck warmer and is so easy and quick to knit that I am doing a little stash busting by rounding up stray 50g worsted weight skeins and converting them to neck warmers. These will be great to have on hand should the sudden need arise for a little xmas present.

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Toni said...

Oh, those are nice! Good choice!