Thursday, August 07, 2008

Houston, We Have a Problem

The Go with the Flow socks are not quite right. Either I screwed up or the directions were not explicit enough for my nascent knitting knowledge, but the pattern is not quite centered over the instep and consequently will not be quite centered over the foot. I'm forging ahead, under the maybe mistaken delusion that it will be okay. Also, if anyone is looking that closely at my feet, they need a therapist.

More confounding is the Minimalist Cardigan. After completing the back, I jinxed myself by thinking things were going quite well and maybe, just maybe, I could complete a sweater without second-guessing myself all along the way. That was then. This is now. I started a front panel last night and discovered there is a strip of stockinette in place of a button band. We all know how stockinette curls, and this is no exception. It is curling UP and IN. Now what? I do not want a sweater that looks beautiful BUT, that is wearable EXCEPT. I've been looking around the 'net to see what others have done to address this problem but haven't settled on a solution yet. Also contacted Ravelry-ers who have knit this in the same yarn, to see if they had a similar problem. Maybe it will be okay. (rocking, rocking, rocking)

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