Saturday, August 30, 2008

But That Was MY Idea!

Many years ago, in a previous lifetime, I came up with the idea of the wireless doorbell. I even went so far as to approach a former employer about developing and manufacturing them, but could not convince him it was a good idea. About six months later, wireless doorbells began appearing in mail order catalogs. Grrr!!!

Over the years, I have thought up several other potential products (like software for generating cross stitch patterns) only to have someone else beat me to market. Well, it is easy to beat someone to market when that someone is just thinking and not doing.

Latest example of those who do instead of think about doing can be found here and here. mk carroll is interviewing people who recycle/upcycle yarn. Seriously, this was my idea first, and I have the sweaters from Goodwill moldering in my closet to prove it. I just never got around to following through with my idea. *sigh*

I have finished the Go with the Flow socks, however.

Pattern: Go with the Flow from Interweave's Favorite Socks
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock solid in burgundy
Needles: US1

While I love the results, I did not love knitting these. The number one problem I faced was a dropped stitch was near disastrous, practically impossible to recover from. And it was rather easy to drop a stitch, especially when working the cuff.

Also, there is something funky about the way the gusset seam segues into the rest of the foot. I must have done something wrong, or the pattern was off, or the knitting goddesses were unhappy with me.

I thought I made these long enough, but once I tried them on, they felt very snug, both around the foot and at the toe.

Perhaps blocking will help them relax. Otherwise, my daughter has a new pair of socks. As you can see below, they fit her just fine.

The blogging gods must not be happy with me today, because every time I try to leave a comment on someone's blog, I get an error. I love the Internet, but some days it does not love me.

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Qutecowgirl said...

My computer is showing such a gorgeous color on those socks!!

Thank you about the sweater = ) still no luck. I am going to go check out etsy.