Friday, February 20, 2009

No actual frogging occurred

After last week's little snit, I did take a timeout from knitting. And all previously threatened projects are still intact. However, instead of picking up February Lady again, I switched to experimental mode and kind of started over with some fresh yarn. I let go of the idea I might get this sweater done in time to wear it this winter and just let myself knit. We'll see how it turns out.

Now for a complaint or two:

Elann Peruvian Wool. I have used this yarn before with success, but for some reason, the current batch seems riddled with what appear to be splices created with epoxy. "Riddled" is a relative term, but most of the skeins have at least one splice buried in a spot sure to become apparent midrow. For a while, I dutifully tinked back to the start of the row, clipped out the offending blob, then continued on. But that happened one too many times and I decided - knitting gods be damned! - that I am just going to fix the problem right where it occurs.

Interweave Knits. I subscribed to this magazine with great anticipation, but I have to admit the spring issue leaves me uninspired. For one thing, most of the projects require that the wearer be something I have not been for several decades, and that is thin. And the one sweater I was somewhat interested in has already been offered on Knitting Daily for free. What did I pay for?!?

On a positive note, there is a fiber festival I am planning to attend next month, and they are offering a class in learning to spin on a spindle. I hope to get pre-registered soon.

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