Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still here

Outside activities have overwhelmed yarn time, so while I still knit a bit everyday, not much progress is being made.

Memorial Day weekend was also Women's Weekend, and the yarn I ordered from Webs arrived in time for me to start on the Slouch from Mother-Daughter Knits as my mindless stockinette project.

I'm glad I went with the Classic Elite Duchess, as it has less bounce and should not stretch like an all-wool yarn might. My daughter picked out "Genteel Gray" but the resulting fabric resembles sweatshirt material. Maybe the requisite ribbon will dress it up a bit.

The Crosswalker socks grow by an inch or two a day, as they are my lunchtime knit. I like this colorway - the lighter colors are less muddy than the ones in the colorway I used for the Dublin Bay socks. I'm glad I did not attempt to match stripes, as I have come across one splice already. Besides, I like working from both ends of the skein.

And I'm liking the pattern - easy plus another eye of partridge heel - but because it was written to allow for personal modifications, the directions get a bit vague once you reach the turning of the heel. But I'll figure it out.

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Pom Pom said...

What a smarty you are! I'm stumped with the sock I'm making. I even went to my neighbor for help, but she doesn't follow directions, just instinct. I guess I better schedule a trip to knitting help at the closest yarn store. I've always wanted some Classic Elite. Don't you have to order it the old fashioned way? You are an excellent knitter!