Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer (knitting) reading

I love our local library system. Money is tight these days, but whenever I find a book they don't have but I think they should, they honor my request. This gives me a chance to try before I buy, or not buy, as the case may be.

Recent perusals include the following:

I didn't find much in Mother-Daughter Knits to excite me patternwise, but the book includes an extensive section on fit. Now, if I only had a waist.

When I first started knitting again, I bought Vogue Knitting, but frequently when I reference it, I just get confused and frustrated.

While A to Z of Knitting is not as extensive as the Vogue book, it is easier to follow. Photos galore, but no patterns.

Lately, I have found myself concentrating on sock knitting. I checked two of the following three out of the library, but finally just broke down and bought them.

Cookie A's book makes me feel a bit tired because it is so chockful of mindbending ideas. Heavy on sock design.

Lots of good ideas from Carol Sulcoski, more than I could absorb in three weeks. I'm a sucker for variegated sock yarn and need help with patterns ideas.

I am still bound and determined to learn toe-up sock knitting. Clara Parker recently reviewed Wendy Johnson's book, so I purchased it sight unseen.

Speaking of socks, the Spring Forward socks are progressing nicely. Like all lace patterns, they leave me anxious to see them blocked.

February Lady stalled while I played with cotton dishrags. After my initial success with the variegated blues, I tried knitting up some with bolder color variations, but did not like the results so there is nothing to show. And now I am tired of cotton.

Next weekend is Women's Weekend, so I need something somewhat mindless that I can work on while chatting (I'm not good at multitasking!) There is a super-easy "slouch" in Mother-Daughter Knits that my daughter likes, but it may require a yarn purchase. Heh.

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