Monday, October 19, 2009

I can read!

While working on the all-garter-all-the-time EZ Bog Jacket and watching football, I accidentally learned to knit without looking. Today, while reading an article in the NYer on brain injury in football players (don't let your children grow up to play football!), I also learned to knit while reading. The first couple of times I tried this, I could not concentrate on the words, but eventually the fingers go on autopilot. Every so often, I knit a row "normally" - looking and counting stitches - to make sure I have not screwed up along the way. Today the only hitch was a stitch that had split.

Yesterday I did manage to get some spindling in, using roving of unknown origin. The instructor of the spindling class I took might have given it to us, but you'd think I'd remember that or have blogged about it or something. Anyway, I hope I did not actually PAY for the roving because it is kind of bumpy. It is also very soft but slick. And it SHEDS. My black yoga pants were covered with white fuzz.

Time to think about knitting some socks for xmas gifts. I have several skeins of DK in manly colorways, and I think I will do them toe-up. Nearly running out of yarn with the last pair was too stressful.

Although these are not socks....

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Toni said...


I got a couple book-holders to make it easier to knit & read at the same time. They are great!