Monday, October 12, 2009

On a frogging roll

After frogging that baby sweater last week, I decided to do the same to the baby hoodie. I think I spent more time frogging than it would have taken me to just complete the darn thing, but no going back now.

The yarn that was on the spindles is now plied and the twist is being set. The result is still kind of uneven - okay, a LOT uneven - but better than my first attempt. I discovered I am not very fond of plying by spindle. My birthday is this month, and I had been contemplating gifting myself with a wheel, but I'm just not ready yet. Soon, though, real soon.

Most of my knitting has been on the current sock project. For some reason, the heel flaps came out uneven (okay, I admit it, I can't count), but I did not discover it until I was into the gussets, so some tinking occurred. Now I am in the homestretch, but - gah! - the yarn appears to be running short. The toes may be in a contrasting color.

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Toni said...

Hey, if you can't beat them--frog them!