Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update but no FOs or pics

Last Sunday was not a good knitting day. Everything I touched blew up in my hands. Even simple knitting felt hard. A good time to set the needles aside and watch a movie.

So no progress on the Bog Jacket. I am at the part where "thumb trick" stitches are removed and grafted, and since some of those stitches go right across my boobs, I want them to look perfect (the stitches, that is - my boobs are a lost cause). The black yarn is difficult for these old eyes to see, even in daylight, and nothing seemed to be working, so I gave up after several HOURS of struggle. Now I have a plan, though - kitchener stitch for garter. I am one of the few knitters on earth who likes kitchener stitch, so this strategy should work out fine.

Lots of progress on the blue BSJ. It is all knitted except for the shoulder seams and collar. Even the bazillion ends are woven in. I overdid the striping on this one, especially the one-ridge stripes. Less is more, believe me. Having the official A-B-C Surprise Jacket pattern did help, too. In fact, I'm itching to make myself a Surprise Jacket. Once the Bog Jacket is complete, of course.

Last night I gave two socks on two circular needles a try. Like anything new, it feels awkward. Maybe I should have started with one sock on two circs first. And it would help if my circs had more flexible cords; the 24" one coils up. This learning pair is in worsted. If I don't lose heart, there will be a second pair in DK.

And I think that is all for now. Enjoy your weekend!

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