Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not for the faint of heart

After an extended timeout, the wrap with the boo-boo in the moss stitch said, You'd better fix me or I will never be done.  I tried using my handy dandy seed stitcher tool - that only makes sense, right? - but the Karabella yarn is too stretchy and each column of stitches turned into a giant ladder.  Then I considered basting in a life line, but I could not figure out just where to put it.  The dark gray yarn did not help, either.  So I took a big breath and just ripped the fabric back about ten rows.  "Ripped" is such a violent word, though, as I was quite gentle.  Karabella Aurora 8 does not have much memory, but the stitches stood up well enough for me to get them back on the needles.  I tinked one row and was good to go.  Whew!

Meanwhile, I lost a stitch on the Diagonal Cross-Rib sock I had started.  This involved tinking a round or two, to determine just where that sucker was hiding, but the socks too are moving forward instead of backward.

That leaves the Bog Jacket.  Here we are talking black yarn and a feeble brain.  The latter belongs to me, but I think I am finally getting my mind around just what I need to do to weave garter together.  If the daylight holds, it too may be on its way to completion.

We won't mention the other WIPs that I was planning on finishing by the Super Bowl, which is NEXT SUNDAY.  If I were Toni, I'd be done.  She is the queen of completion!

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Pandora said...

I just had to tink back an unreasonable number of rows on my Anniversary socks because I completely forgot where I was. This time around I'm weaving in a contrasting piece of yarn on odd rows to keep my place. I read that somewhere, but I can't remember where. Let's hope it works.

I would have ripped back on the seed stitch, too.