Sunday, December 19, 2010

No FOs yet

These photos are out of date already, but I'm too lazy to take more recent ones.

Pair number three of four for xmas is actually closer to the toes than this indicates.

In fact, I measured them this morning, and one is a few rows from toe-start, while the other has another inch or so to go to catch up with its mate.  These may get done today.

Not only does this top now have sleeves, the matching pants are over halfway done as well.

I am not happy about the curling, though.  This morning I tried several different borders, including applied i-cord, to uncurl the bottom, but none of them worked very well.

Belinda is still far from being even halfway done.

The loss of daylight savings time has not helped.

Only eight more inches to go before the Moebius scarf can be Moebiusized.

Then I will add an applied i-cord border in "natural".

The brioche scarf is about 80% done.  The stay-on baby booties ground to a halt because I don't like knitting the yarn - it is too fine and splitty - and now I fear they would be too small anyway.

I have been enjoying my Ringwood gloves, but if I were to knit them again, I would choose a stiffer yarn.  The fabric is stretchy to begin with, and the bouncy yarn makes them even stretchier.  It difficult to pull them on and slide the cuffs under my coat sleeves.  Ditto the Mistake Rib scarf, which has grown in length even though I have been careful not to hang it from a peg.  Good thing they are so pretty.  And warm!

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