Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kromboomssloot quandry

I knit up a Kromboomssloot Snood in just a few days, BUT.  I discovered that this is not a good look for me.  It looks better on my daughter, but she declared it not her style.  I used only half the yarn I designated for this project, so now I am contemplating what to do with the rest and whether I should frog the snood if I need the yarn.  Meanwhile, I won't block it yet.

Pattern: Kromboomssloot Snood from Knitting Brioche
Yarn:  Laughing Tree Farm 3-play in chocolate
Needles:  US7 (for ribbing) and US10.5 for Kromboom Tuck stitch
Modifications:  none


A. Warped, knitter said...

If you are soliciting votes, I vote- frog it. I am finding that there is a certain kind of peace in frogging. On the needles but hibernating (or finished but still questionable) a project gives off an aura of indecision and uncertainty, if left to prey on one's mind long enough it will bring feelings of guilt whenever one looks at it, but frogged it becomes a skein of wonderful yarn once again pregnant with possibility.

Delusional Knitter said...

Oh that's too bad. Is there someone you can gift it to that you think would look good and it'll fit their style?

Ann said...

Frog it & find another pattern you like for this yarn. In fact I'm so inspired by this thought that I'm going to frog a hat tonite!