Friday, February 25, 2011

Quandry resolved

I knit up a Spiral Tweed Cloche with the remaining skein of Laughing Tree Farm yarn and did not need to steal yarn from the snood, so the latter will be added to the gift drawer while I wear the former.

Pattern:  Spiral Tweed Cloche by Veronik Avery (published in Knitting 24/7)
Yarn:  Laughing Tree Yarn 50/50 3-ply
Needles:  US8 and US7
Modifications:  None, except the pattern calls for some internal ribbon to help shape the cap, plus a big button as decoration, neither of which I have employed.  Yet.


Janne said...

I have a hard time frogging something I put a lot of work into. I just finished a sweater for my brother that had a shawl collar. When I picked up the stitches for it, I was talking to my daughter and did not count right, after 14 rows of 400 some stitches, I discovered I was short 10 stitches. I put the sweater in a bag and couldn't touch it for a week, but finally forced myself to rip and re-knit.

Delusional Knitter said...

Very nice. It looks very good in that yarn!