Tuesday, July 19, 2011

She who hesitates

It is not unusual for me to hit a snag with a project.  Sometimes it's the seams, sometimes it's the pattern, sometimes it's the realization that I am not going to like the result.  A time out doesn't hurt, unless one is knitting for a growing baby.  Then those projects set aside for a moment become hopelessly behind.

Such is the fate of some items I knit for Baby N: the seams on a pair of pants did me in, the curling of the stockinette on a kimono looked unfixable, and the embroidery for Blu was not a pretty sight.  Fortunately yarn allows for do-overs.  I foresee that the chocolate and lavender Debbie Bliss yarn is going to become something like an EZ Tomten, and the Den-M-nit will become something.

I'm still working on Inlay.  I don't consider myself a tight knitter, but I have had to deliberately loosen up when knitting the twisted stitches in the motif.  Once I learned to do that, these socks started not exactly sailing along but at least progressing nicely.

Otherwise, knitting is giving way to gardening and murder mysteries (my favorite summer reading), although I am currently working through Stanley Park.  The main character is a chef in Vancouver, so there is lots of foodie talk, but the characters are complex and the story engrossing.  Worth the effort.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The stitch pattern on those socks is stunning!

Delusional Knitter said...

Wow those look great. Looks like twisted stitches in the ribbing to, I love how that looks.