Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slow going

Still working on 'Inlay' but it is three steps forward, two steps back.  I started the heel flap, with its own chart.  The legend said that the slipped stitches should be slipped with the yarn in back.  That did not seem right, so I checked Ravelry for errata.  Nada, so I forged ahead.  After about 6 rows, not only did the slipped stitches not feel right, they did not look right, either.  Back to Ravelry, but this time I checked the KAL for this pattern.  Another knitter asked the designer about these stitches, but described them much better than I would have, as being "wrapped".  It turns out the designer actually meant to hold the yarn to the "private" side of the fabric, or in back on the right side, in front on the wrong side.  I tinked back and restarted the heel flap and now it looks right.

What did we ever do before the Internet?!?

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CeltChick said...

Thanks for clearing that up! I have been eyeing this pattern, so if you don't mind I will include your post in my notes about it.