Sunday, October 02, 2011

Got yarn?

On our trip to New England, I hit two yarn stores, one scheduled, one not.  First up was Charlotte's Web in Exeter, NH.  As I have done elsewhere, I asked about local yarn and learned that the hand dyers in that area frequent farmers markets and such.  Unfortunately, we would not be around for one.  I did snatch up a couple of skeins of this:

It's from Seacoast Handpainted Yarns; content alpaca, silk, and merino; colorway "Shy as Acorn".  Yum!

I also purchased some Noro Kureyon for the Mitered Crosses blanket I've been itching to start.  Later, at Loom with a View in Newburyport, MA, I added some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted.  And then when I got home, I could not wait to start.


Block one of ten started
As if that were not enough, I also ordered from Webs some Debbie Bliss Rialto DK and 4-ply for a hooded pullover for Baby N (who I will start calling Toddler N once she starts walking).

Oatmeal and lime anyone?
And I could not wait to start that project, either.

In case you are wondering about the other projects for Baby N, they are not being totally neglected.  For one thing, weaving in the ends took forever.  For another, I decided to block before assembling.

A-line Cardigan
The ringwood stitch for the cardigan did resist curling except on the edges, which will be seamed together, so no worries.  The button bands lay flat, much to my relief.

Pinafore Dress back

Pinafore Dress front
The only part of the Pinafore Dress I was worried about was the hem, which suffered from some serious curling.  Dressing wires to the rescue!

Pinafore Dress hem detail
My goal is to have the Baby N projects completed by her birthday later this month.  Then, on to xmas knitting!

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