Sunday, October 23, 2011

One done

The seams are not the best but they were sewn and the buttons were added in time for Baby N's first birthday party.

Pattern:  A-Line Cardigan, from Debbie Bliss Design It, Knit It Babies
Yarn:  Baby Cashmerino in 340026 (a greenish-grayish color)
Needles:  US3
Modifications:  Several - after all, the book title says "design it"

One obvious modification was substituting ringwood stitch for the stockinette in the body.  This greatly reduced curling.  The sleeves I kept as stockinette, but on Chrisknits advice, added a little ringwood at the cuff.  And I dropped the collar, at my daughter's suggestion.

Using a different stitch than simple stockinette was a bit of a challenge in places, like under the arms, where I reverted to stockinette to reduce bulk.  But apparently I cannot count, because the back and fronts did not line up right.

Fortunately, two wrongs make a right, so while the stockinette is not a perfect match, the back and fronts were the same length.  Whew!

I still have the pinafore to seam up and the hooded pullover to finish.  My best excuse for not having these done is I was sick last week, with an intestinal virus, that laid me so low that I could not even knit.  Feeling much better now, though, so hopefully the rest will be finished anon.


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Okay--in my defense here, blogger said I didn't type the verification word correctly, so I entered it again and now I'm spamming you. Oh well--it really is a two-cute sweater.

A. Warped, knitter said...

Lucky baby- sweet sweater and knit of that wonderful feeling Baby Cashmerino.