Friday, March 04, 2016


This has not been a good winter for wearing woolens, but yesterday was cold and snowy. I wore an orange (store bought) sweater I had forgotten I owned, with a pair of orange-ish socks I knit specifically to wear with this sweater. (I don't have many orange clothes.) I really like the socks because of the gradient colors (although the yarn was a bitch to knit) and admired them all day.

Which brings me to the topic of favorite handknits. Do you have any? There are a couple of projects I am especially proud of. One is the Fibonacci Cardi-vest I knit for my SO. Another is the Easy as Pi(e) blanket. Both were big projects that involved learning new techniques. I get that zing of accomplishment whenever I see them.

I also feel warm fuzzies whenever I see a gifted handknit in use. These projects were knit with love, but I also like hearing how my daughter receives compliments on her slouchy hat. On the other hand, my SO's grandson has managed to lose both the hats I have knit him, so he is off the handknit gift list.

Your thoughts?

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Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great socks!

I have so many knits that I love - too hard to choose!