Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Summer status

I admit I am not much of a summer knitter, and when I do knit, I default to cotton. This summer, for some reason, I decided to knit dishcloths using the Ballband Dishcloth pattern. I'm on number six right now. When I either tire of the pattern or run out of leftover Lion Brand Cotton yarn, I will post more details, such as they are.

I started warping yarn for a blanket, using a warping board. I carefully calculated the yardage needed, but then neglected to actually measure the amount of yarn on hand. (I'm using the leftovers from the Fibonacci vest.) After a while, it became obvious I was going to run short. Stymied, I stopped warping, but recently figured out how I want to move forward. I will need to purchase more yarn, for the weft, though. Such is the life of a knitter/weaver!.

One problem I have is how to transfer the warps to the loom. Since randomness is a feature of the pattern I am using, it doesn't really matter if I goof up the order of the colors, but I would really like to know the "official" method of doing this, with lease sticks (which I don't have) on an Ashford rigid heddle loom. I've looked at YouTube videos and read instructions in books, but am not really getting it. Fortunately, I joined a weavers guild, so have some experts who can help.

What do you knit in summertime?

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Mereknits said...

I am at a loss to help you as I do not use a warping board, just a peg at the end of my table.
Hugs and good luck,