Sunday, May 09, 2021

Happy Mom's Day

I'm not one for holidays, especially the more contrived ones. However, after my widowed dad remarried late in life, I made a point of sending my stepmother a Mother's Day card every year. She really appreciated it, even told me I was her favorite stepdaughter. (I was her *only* stepdaughter.)

Knitting: Both pockets are knitted and blocking. All that is left is to stitch them onto the Reader's Wrap.

Spinning: Still plugging away at the red Tunis.
Weaving: My warp measurement was off, so I will get only 3-1/2 waffle weave dishcloths. The half one will probably get folded in half and turned into a coaster.

I really need to develop a case of finishitis. There are quite a few UFO's lying around here. All they need is some finishing work like hemming. And then there are those fleeces in the garage that I have yet to tackle. So much fiber, so little time.

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Mereknits said...

You are never only a step daughter, you cared about her and that is so lovely. Happy Mother's Day.