Friday, January 12, 2007

So Many Projects, So Little Time

Knitty Otter mentioned cast on fever in a recent post. I know exactly what she means! I obsessively start project after project, until the livingroom looks like a yarn explosion, then slowly start wrapping up a few, just to free up the needles so I can start some more.

First, there are the two stalled afghans and one half-done baby blanket. One of the afghans has taken up residence in the recliner; if I sit there, I will have to crochet.

Then there are the dishcloths. I have been working on a couple for a housewarming gift. I finished one, started another, decided I did not like the color for this particular person, so started a third. (I happen to have two sets of size 7 SPs, so I didn't have to move number two to a spare needle.) Number two will become a cabinwarming gift, but I hate to give just one, so I will probably knit up one more, then hopefully call it quits on dishcloths, for a while at least.

I started a baby hoody for an expecting friend who does not know the gender of the baby. Initially, I thought orange or red would be a wild choice, and after starting the orange, changed my mind and started over in lime. The color is so luscious I have a hard time putting that one down.

Meanwhile, I'm almost done with the rainbow legwarmers for my daughter. Fun colors! If she does not like them, I will keep them for myself. She wants armwarmers, too, but requested them extra long, like up to her elbows, so if she feels like wearing a tee around the house, she can keep her arms warm without resorting to a sweater.

My brother's scarf is done, except for weaving in the ends, blocking the garter stitch edges, and stitching his name on the ends so that other family members don't "borrow" it. Cow-orkers opined the colors sucked, but I think they are manly, yet whimsical.

I'm starting my three-day weekend with a yarn orgy, but hopefully I will settle down and take care of some housekeeping chores, too. You can knit only so much, right?


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