Sunday, January 30, 2011


I like knitting scarves.  Or, more accurately, I like knitting the first half of scarves.  After that, it becomes a death march.  This Zandloper was no exception, except I also worried about running out of yarn, so once I neared the finish line, I weighed each skein after each pattern repeat, to make sure I had enough for another pattern repeat.  I did not achieve 13 repeats, but at 60 inches, I think it is long enough.

Pattern:  Zandloper Scarf by Nancy Marchant, from Knitting Brioche.
Yarn:  Patons Classic Wool Merino in "Bright Red" and Plymouth Yarns Galway in "9" (black)
Needles: US7 circs
Modifications:  None on purpose.

This was my first brioche project, my first Italian cast on, and my first Italian bind off; I'm not sure I did the latter correctly, but (with the help of YouTube) managed a facsimile.  Brioche creates a double knit stitch which I anticipate will be warm if a bit bulky.  Learning to follow a brioche pattern is like learning a new language, but fortunately one with a limited vocabulary.  The instructions in the book are very complete (even if I could not figure out the Italian bind off from them).

I already have the yarn for four more brioche projects:  Kauni for the Geveldak Scarf and Wissel Scarf, Laughing Tree Farm for the Kromboomssloot Snood, and Plymouth Encore for the Oor-flap Muts (earflap hat).  But before casting on any of those, I want to finish a few baby things.  Really.

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A. Warped, knitter said...

Your Zandloper is wonderful. I, too, am very taken with the patterns in Marchant's book.