Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Scratch that Itch

Somehow, I came down with the worst case of poison ivy I have had since junior high, and then it was only on my arms and legs. This time, it is on my hands, face, arms where my T-shirt sleeves end, on my knees where my shorts end, plus big handprints on my hips (must remember to wash my hands before going to the bathroom) and around my waist. My theory is the dog picked it up when she wandered into the neighbor's yard, as I cannot find any in my yard, and since I have been carrying the dog around a lot (she has a torn ACL - and she doesn't even play basketball!), it got on me. And then more got on me. And then more. I have washed the dog (twice) and me (at least once daily) and my clothes (also multiple times) and now I am contemplating washing Tropical Treat and Sun Ray because I fear they may be contaminated, too.

Consequently, I am making some progress on the Hedgerow socks. The legs are halfway there.

I must admit that originally I was not particularly taken with the pattern, but the more I knit, the more I appreciate the subtle combination of stitches and semi-solid yarn.

I think once they are blocked, the hedgerows will really pop.

And apropos of nothing, here is my cat Fern and her aura.


Toni said...

Oh dear--hope the poison ivy clears up soon!

The socks are looking great!

flurrious said...

Fern is lovely. She also appears to be thinking that if you give her poison ivy, she will do something terrible in your shoe.

Noelle said...

She is a twin of my cat! Or at least a close cousin...

So cute. (And you're still in my RSS feed, btw.)