Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poor Dog

Betsy had her ACL surgery a week ago. When I took her in, the vet gave her a pre-op during the exam so he could manipulate her joints, and she basically melted in about 15 seconds. I asked if I could have some of that stuff for the nights I can't sleep. They didn't think that was a good idea.

Betsy was able to come home the same day, albeit on three legs. I was sorry to have to board her while we were gone this past weekend, but I selected a new place, a vet clinic with Sunday hours so I could pick her up as soon as we got home. Anyone who knows beagles knows how vocal they can be. When Betsy saw me on Sunday, she screamed her "Where the f* have you been?!?" song, earning some worried glances from the other clients. "She's just happy to see me!" I explained cheerfully. "This is normal! Really!" They did not look convinced, nor convinced of my sanity for owning such a creature.

She has been putting some weight on the leg, but it has not healed yet. I still have to help her up the single step into the house. Except when there is a dirty plate awaiting her attention. Then she can get up that step just fine, thank you very much. I am looking forward to the day we can resume our early morning walks. I think.

Meanwhile, knitting has been going on, accompanied by The Golden Compass audio book. This is the aubergine Vintage Shawl from Runway Knits. Wrong side:

Right side:

As usual, it is difficult to capture an accurate picture of the color. Aubergine means eggplant, and this Karabella Aurora Bulky is a deep purple. This is my first experience with Karabella Aurora, and I am liking it. But what's not to like about 100% extra fine merino?

And the Hedgerow socks continue to grow (ha-ha). I tried working on them in the car on Sunday, but screwed up royally. Then I misplaced several of the needles. Tuesday, I spent an hour and a half recovering from my mistakes and finishing the second heel flap.

I found the mislaid needles, in the sunglasses pocket of my purse. Today heels will be turned.


Noelle said...

I hope the pup has a full recovery! Are you going to knit him a little cozy until the hair grows back?

flurrious said...

Aw, poor little thing. I hope he's back to all fours soon.

I saw a guy tie his beagle's leash to a No Parking sign while he ran into the drug store. The beagle knew what was about to happen, started wailing bloody murder, and kept it up until the guy came out of the store. Normally, I worry about dogs tied up outside of stores, but I don't think anyone would have dared to touch this one, adorable as he was.