Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Swoon

The other day I mentioned my own personal stimulus package involving yarn on the one hand and books on the other. Besides some xmas gifts, I purchased three books for myself from Amazon.

First up, two by Barbara Walker.

I have been thinking about knitting a blanket for my queen-sized bed but feared I could not stick with a project that big. With the Learn-to-Knit-Afghan Book, said blanket will feel like 63 little projects. Heh. I can do that. Just look at the "FO's in 2008" in the side bar. Of course, nothing else may get done in 2009.

But if I do decide to knit something other than blanket, I can knit it top down, with the help of this book.

Yes, I know I talk about knitting socks toe up, but really, everything else should be knit top down, dontcha think? And without seams, if possible.

Now, on to the swooning.

I liked the first M-D book, but this one has me in a dead faint. Coats! Rugs! Swiffer covers! Little girl dresses and big boy sweaters! Cozies for cardigans! Wearable poetry, for god's sake! But what has absolutely slayed me are the knitted jeans, made from denim yarn, complete with authentic stitchery.

Ann and Kay, you are killing me.

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