Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wear Your Sitcom Chic to Work Day

Post blocking, I slipped on Sitcom Chic the other night and said to myself, "Huh. I knit me a sweater." Not the first one, but the first one I feel comfortable wearing in public.

Pattern: Sitcom Chic from knitty
Yarn: Classic Elite Four Seasons
Needles: US 7 for most of it, US3 for the ribbing and edging (because I didn't have US4 circs).
Modifications: Made the body and sleeves longer, and in the process made them a little bigger around; omitted button/button loop (because I don't have any good buttons for this sweater)

I really like this yarn - 70% cotton, 30% wool. It is not as stiff as cotton and knits into a nice dense fabric, which makes it surprisingly warm. It blocks well, too.

Since my yarn choice deviated from the yarn recommended by the pattern, I calculated how much I needed by yardage. After all, I had seen this done in yarn stores. But it might have been a ploy to sell more yarn, as I have over SEVEN 50g skeins left over. Since it is such an intense color, I'm not sure what I will do with it.

Thursday I wore my new sweater to work, but had to go begging for compliments. One of my knitting cohorts has been "made redundant", another fellow knitter was out sick, a third was on the phone, etc. While chatting with the cashier in the cafeteria, I pointed out my new hand knit sweater, then mistook her polite interest for more and started waxing poetic about learning to spin. As her eyes glazed over, my supervisor stepped up beside me in line. He thinks I also churn butter. The cashier suggested I could add adobe brick making to my repertoire of skills. Ha. Ha.


beverlyanne said...

Is's beautiful, Abby. I can see why you were happy to wear it to work. Non-knitters just don't get it. Either they are totally unimpressed like the cashier who though you needed more hobbies, or they love it so much they think you should make one for them because you're so good at knitting it must be easy for you.

Toni said...

I love it! It's a vivid color, but a fabulous one!

Shea said...

Looks fabulous! Ignore the non-believers. They'll never understand the satisfaction of making your own work of art.