Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm a wiener!

Look what I won from Half Baked:

I love the cover; it looks like it belongs on my coffee table. The book is full of stunning photographs, intriguing patterns, AND enticing recipes. I'm not much of a tea drinker, but maybe that is because I don't know how to really DO tea. And if I buy a tea set, I'll have an excuse to knit a tea cosy.

I'm not much of a book buyer, either, relying on the local library system to keep me in reading material. Here are a couple of recent checkouts:

Most books on spinning have at most one chapter on spindling, but this one is just for us whorlmongers.

And my homespun is why I picked up this one:

This book includes a pattern for a neck warmer knit from super bulky, which is just what my early spindling attempts turned out to be.


Toni said...

Oh my--that looks like a dangerous book to own! I already enjoy FAR too many crafts.....


Shea said...

Lucky you! I love tea. I've given several formal tea parties for friends and now they think that I'm obsessed with it. I can never confess to my coffee habit now. That looks like a really cool book.

Lara said...

Is there a special way to "do" tea? I just heat up some water, toss a bag of Earl Gray in with some milk and sugar, and voila! DONE. :) (Ooh, you should try Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset. That's some goooood tea.)

Anyway, lovely book!

Abby said...

What, Lara, no scones or crumpets or even digestive biscuits (whatever they are)? I'm picturing something from "Howard's End".