Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cleverness times two

In our last episode, I was about to embark upon the Phony Seam portion of the Bog Jacket journey. Not quite sure what I was doing, I dropped about ten stitches and tried it out. Yes, it is as simple as the instructions say: pick up two stitches at a time, making sure to get one from the front and one from the back.

While dropping all the stitches, down to the cast on, I sighed over how tedious this task was going to be. But then - aha! - a light bulb moment: This looks like a job for the Seed Stitcher!

Open jaws:

Close jaws:

Everytime I use this tool, I marvel at its simple ingenuity. Available only at Knitting Today.

As if that were not enough cleverness for one day, let's return to the Phony Seam.

If you work this from the right side, you get this pretty column of stockinette stitches.

But, not knowing any better, I worked my seams from the wrong side:

I like the way this looks like a real seam, so I'm keeping it.

Again, so clever! (Do I sound like an EZ convert?)

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