Monday, November 23, 2009

Mystery solved

While perusing my own blog, reviewing what I knit over 2009, I discovered where the slubby roving came from: it is Suri alpaca and was part of a dye kit I purchased at an alpaca show. LESSON LEARNED: Closely inspect roving before buying!

The stuff is kind of wispy, too. I don't think I'll waste time spindling it, but does anyone have any ideas of what I could use it for? Maybe needle felting?

I cast off one of the son-in-law socks, using the sewn bind off, but I do not like the results. The socks are resting while I make up my mind over which other bind off to try. Another reason not to like toe-up socks.

But then I cast on a pair of top-down socks, and am struggling with the k4, p2 cuff. Maybe I need a break from socks. Sounds like a good excuse to work on the Bog Jacket - all that garter stitch is very soothing.

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