Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Knitter's anxiety

My only "active" project right now is the Bog Jacket. It's too bulky to haul around, which is causing a certain amount of semi-conscious angst on my part because, life being what it is, what if I had a sudden need for some portable knitting? So I cast on ANOTHER Baby Surprise Jacket, this one in blues. Then I plan to do one in pink and purple (it's not as hideous as it sounds). And then? Maybe I should move on. The problem is the BSJ is like self-striping yarn - it's difficult to stop because you want to see what happens next. (We knitters are so easily entertained.)

There is one more pair of xmas socks to knit, but I want to try knitting them on two circular needles and, impossible as it seems, I don't have the right size needles. Or I do, but they are currently occupied. There are a couple of barely started shawls that turned out to be tooooo haaaaard, and they are holding some Addis hostage.

And then there is that bright cheery PolarKnit that says quick and easy, but again, since I rarely knit bulky yarns, I don't have the right needles. In a few days I will sojourn into the northern reaches of my LYS territory where I hope to resolve these needle issues.

Otherwise, I am feeling a lot of knitting bleh. There is quite a bit of lovely yarn in my knitting stash, so lovely I hate to use it to cast on just any old thing. And there are some lovely patterns in my knitting queue, but for some reason, I just am not in the mood.

So I was thinking maybe this would be a good time to take a knitting break. And just as I thought that thought, I discovered that not only is one of the local yarn stores planning to offer SPINNING lessons, someone gave me a lead on a local alpaca farm that has fleece they don't know what to do with and want to get rid of. That seems hard to believe, but I am going to check it out, maybe even today.


Qutecowgirl said...

Oh boy Alpaca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky! No such thing here.

Maybe your knitting blah's (which I am sure you know that we all go through) are a way to tell you to go back to spinning.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Last year I said I had lost my knittign mojo and was going to take a break.. it lasted three days! Hope you have fun with the spinning