Friday, December 04, 2009

Time out

The Bog Jacket is taking a time out while I figure out what to do next. The shoulders between the shoulder shapings seems too wide, but I'm reluctant to frog back half the sweater to repair it. The BJ is based on a "K" number, derived from measuring around one's hips, but if you are a bit overweight like I am, everything else cannot be determined simply by applying simple arithmetic to that one number. And from looking at the models of the BJ in the book, I'm guessing those K proportions were fudged a bit by EZ and MS themselves. For example, my BJ currently has kimono sleeves, but the sleeves on the samples in the book do not. So if I do end up ripping back the sleeves and yoke, I am definitely going to reduce the sleeveage.

Another reason to take a break from the BJ is xmas knitting. I am not one of those nuts who decides December 1 that everyone on my shopping list needs a handknit sweater or afghan or even a six-foot-long scarf. However, I am trying to knit four pairs of socks. One pair is done, another pair is half done (thanks to some excruciatingly long meetings this week), a third is started (barely - see craptastic photo below), and the fourth is still sitting in the stash. Pair #2 is on US1 DPNs, and pair #3 is on US2 9-inch circs. That is, one circ per sock. Knitting on 9-inch circs is a bit hand-cramping, but the first sock is tooting along at a reasonably brisk pace. It is surprising just how much knitting time is consumed by fiddling with DPNs. I'm not too enthralled with toe-up socks, but I am definitely going to give socks-on-two-circs a try because I think I will like that technique.

Football season is up to week 13 of a 17-week regular schedule. Remember my plan to work through WIPs during Sunday games? Well, I have made some progress, even if that progress involved abandoning certain projects I truly did not want to finish, but I will need the whole post-season to reach my goal of no WIPs. The reward spinning has not been happening, but I will try to rectify that after xmas and before spring planting. Really I will.

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