Monday, May 17, 2010

The neverending socks

I did not knit as much as I had intended during my road trip because, well, I was on the road.  A lot.  I am losing hope that these socks will ever be done.

With top down socks, by the time you reach the foot, things are sailing along because half the stitches are plain old stockinette.  But with toe up socks, you are knitting the pattern all around the leg, which is really bogging me down.  And by now, the pattern is rather boring.  I sit down and do a four-row pattern repeat, and then I want to do something else.

Absolutely no progress was made on the baby blanket during the road trip, but here it is, in its WIP glory.

I am taking today off to recover from my travels, and if the promised rains materialize, they will keep me out of the garden, so maybe, just maybe, I will make some progress on one or the other of these today.  Or I might watch a movie.

Too bad the LYS's are closed on Monday, or I could go yarn shopping for baby knitting.  I purchased the following and now just need some yarn to get going on something new:

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toni in florida said...

That sock yarn is so gorgeous and knits up so pretty! I want, I want!! (I know, I know. Sigh.)