Friday, May 21, 2010

The socks are done!

After all my whining about knitting toe up, the pinkish socks are finally finished.  Due to a combination of factors, these took over a month and a half to knit.

Pattern:  Lacy Ribs Socks, from Socks from the Toe Up
Yarn:  Green Mountain Spinnery Spinnery Sock Art "Forest"
Needles:  US1 circs and DPNs
Modifications:  Used the Russian Bind Off; switched to DPNs when I reached the legs.

Neither of these photos do justice to the lovely colorway with its subtle pinks, yellows, and lavenders - it's a gray rainy day here.  As much as I love the color, I'm not sold on the yarn, which is a blend of wool and Tencel.  Not very soft or elastic, and it is supposed to be hand washed.  The socks are still damp from blocking, so I haven't worn them yet.  We'll see how they feel at a future date.  Right now, I am just glad to be through with them.

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toni in florida said...

They look great! I really hope you like them on the foot. And, um, if you don't, I'll be happy to take your cast-offs, so to speak. Just sayin'!