Monday, January 03, 2011

First FO for 2011 (sort of)

Most of the work for this wrap was accomplished in 2010, but I don't consider an object truly done until it has been blocked.

Mr. Manly models
Pattern:  Moebius Ring by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn:  Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky, in sable and creme
Needles:  US11
Modifications:  What is there to modify?  It's 60 inches of garter with applied i-cord

This started out as a vest, but after using one skein I realized I would not have enough yarn, so decided rather abruptly that it should be a scarf/wrap/whatever instead.  That meant I had to pick apart the cast-on in order to graph the two ends together.  My garter grafting is not the best - I have yet to get the tension right - and marrying the two ends of the i-cord took several tries before I was satisfied.  That is why it did not get completed last year.

Two comments, one good, one not so good:  1) The wrap is surprisingly warm for not covering much of one's body.  2) The Lamb's Pride sheds.

Speaking of warm, the red, red, red sweater has become my under-the-winter-coat sweater for walking.  It's very warm.  Too bad it does not look very good on me.  And I never have reknit the collar - I think a V-neck would be an improvement.

And speaking of yarn, while looking for a sock pattern for the Zino, I discovered the yarn has generated many negative comments on Ravelry.  I've never used it before, so we shall see if I agree with its listed shortcomings.

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