Saturday, January 22, 2011

What the ?

I backordered this Kauni 8/2 from Webs, both in colorway EQ ("rainbow").  It arrived yesterday.  My first thought was, This is not what I ordered, but yes, they are both EQ.

But what really has me flummoxed is one skein is 180g and the other 130g when they are both supposed to be 150g.  Is this common?  Good thing this issue should not affect the projects I bought these for.

Another yarn story:  I ran out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in chocolate, but found some at a LYS.  When I started pulling the yarn out of the center-pull skein, a mini center-pull ball popped out.  My guess is it was a return.  I debated whether weighing the skein would just make me madder, but I did and it was 50g as it was supposed to be.  My guess is someone needed a yard or two of yarn, then returned the rest to the store.  No real harm done, but this is something I never do.  I just add the skein to my stash.

I executed my plan on the baby sack and now my granddaughter can wear it in her car seat.

Sort of.  Even though I made the smaller version of the pattern, the sack has plenty of room for growth.


Toni said...

Oh yeah--I don't know if they just go until they run out of single strands & would need to put a knot in the yarn, but the skeins are huge and no two will ever have the same yardage. I don't know who on earth put the "yards per ball" info on Ravelry, but it shouldn't even be there.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Room to grow is always a good thing!

Anonymous said...

She is SO PRECIOUS! I get to make baby things now too. My daughter-in-law is expecting! I didn't see my two grandchildren until after their babyhood, so I'm all excited.

Ann said...

Awwwww! How cute is that! I suspect it'll work for her for the rest of this winter....Thanks for the pic!