Friday, December 13, 2013

Handmade for the holidays... but not by me

Last Saturday (the 7th), my SO and I went to the Handmade Holidays Sale at Teasel Hill. Teasel Hill Angoras has a spin-in on fifth Saturdays (hope to get to one sometime) and host this event every December. I know I have seen some of the same vendors at the Northeast Indiana Fiber Festival and elsewhere. In fact, now I spend as much time chatting with familiar faces at fiber fests as I do shopping. Maybe I have found my "tribe"?

The Big Red Barn was there, with (among other things) their latest product, roving roses. Each "rose" is 4 ounces of dyed roving, ready for spinning. Or, in my case, blending. For someone who is color challenged like me, having the color combinations pre-selected is great.

And these are dryer balls (can't recall the vendor). They are made of wool and are supposed to help clothes dry faster and without softener (which I don't use anyway). I decided to give them a whirl (heh) and I think they help keep my sheets from ending up in one big bedroll in the dryer.

My SO cheerfully accompanies me to fiber fests, acting as my personal sherpa. This time he wound up in conversation with Mr. Teasel Hill as they discussed the venue - a pole building that someone turned into a house which the current occupants continue to modify to suit their needs. I felt like a mom whose son made a new friend.

Then we ate at the Magic Wand Restaurant in Churubusco. If you are ever in "Turtle Town", check it out.

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