Sunday, December 15, 2013

Warm legs

I use yarn as decor. When my granddaughter pulled a skein of sparkly yarn from a shelf and expressed a desire for something made from it, I could not resist. It is sock yarn, so that limited the possibilities, but every little girl could use a pair of legwarmers.

Yarn: Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks North Pole 'Balsam Fir'
Needles: US2 and US1
Pattern: None. I simply cast on 44 stitches, knit 2x2 ribbing on US2's for 4 inches, then switched to US1 needles for 4 inches. Finished by binding off in ribbing.

I was going to add stirrups, but that seemed like it would be too bulky for little feet.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those are cute! I plan to make a pair for myself in the near future!

elns said...

Very cute!

I have a sadness that legwarmers were not made this year.

I definitely have a few little girls I know that deserve a pair.

Those look fun and cozy!