Sunday, May 18, 2014

I should know better

One of the primary reasons I have not tried weaving is the expense of a loom. Well, Saturday my granddaughter and I visited the Salomon Farm Fiber Arts Festival where I saw a loom made from cardboard. Ruh-roh. I could barely wait to get home to try this.

I know - not a pretty sight. In my defense, I was babysitting an increasingly restless pre-schooler at the time. It is an inexpensive way to get a taste of weaving, though.

I referenced this site for detailed instructions (which I failed to follow very well), in case you are tempted to try this at home.


Toni said...

Oh fun!!! I am just trying not to get sucked into weaving as YET ANOTHER hobby, but it is soooo tempting!

elns said...

Color me impressed that you were able to do anything crafty independently with a preschooler around. hehe. Cardboard loom -- how could you resist if you're interested weaving. Sounds like you're on your way ...