Sunday, June 08, 2014

199 days until xmas

Another xmas gift is done, another pair of "boot" socks, knit toe-up, extra large for my son, a.k.a. Big Foot.

Matchy, match!

Pattern: ad hoc (see below)
Yarn: ONLine Supersocke 6-ply (DK) in 1619 colorway
Needles: US3

The heels look funky because these are unblocked. I'm rethinking the need for blocking machine wash socks.

Using instructions from Socks from the Toe Up, I cast on using the Turkish cast on, knit 64 stitches around, made a gusset heel, waited until the top of the leg before adding some 2x2 ribbing. Using instructions from Cast On, Bind Off, I bound off using Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy bind off.

Initially, I worked the first toe with US3 circs knitting continental, switching to DPNs and Irish cottage knitting for the foot, but even though the gauge was the same for both, the continental stitches looked fat and lazy while the Irish cottage ones were fit and trim. Now reminded *why* I made the switch, I redid the toe Irish cottage, although I still switched from circs to DPNs once past the toe. I just don't like knitting socks with circs.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great colours!

elns said...

So pretty! I don't think the heels look fine! Plus there is no foot in there! Love the stripes and the matching! Ah sock knitting goals :)