Monday, June 16, 2014


Me: You need a summer sweater.
Granddaughter: Gran'ma, will you make me one?

Hence, a detour from the Easy as Pie blanket. I found a pattern for the February Little Lady sweater, like the February Lady sweater I made myself and the February Baby sweaters I made granddaughter when she was wee. For some reason, I like the gull stitch. Also, no seaming.

For a moment, I contemplated taking granddaughter to a LYS to pick out some Spud & Chloe, but I didn't feel like going out and I didn't feel like spending money. So I decided to check the stash. The first bag I opened contained more than enough Den-M-Nit to proceed forthwith.

What I (keep forgetting that I) don't like is knitting with cotton. It has no elasticity. It makes my shoulders, wrists, and hands hurt. I hope when I get to the gull stitch, it will go a bit easier. And hopefully I will get this done in time to be useful this year.

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elns said...

Oh I love that you are detouring to do something else, it sounds like a fun detour. I am going through a similar problem where half the time I want to knit from stash, with what I think will be a good "substitute yarn" I feel crazy. It makes me feel crazy. I feel some ripping coming on. Can't wait to see your granddaughter's sweater!