Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Not so monogomous

The February Little Lady sweater is coming along. I was right about the gull stitch being easier on my body, but I still can't do more than one pattern repeat at a time. My left shoulder is what complains the most.

As I approach the end of the body, I'm debating about the sleeves. The February Lady sweater I knit myself is rather bulky in the armpits, so I think I will start the sleeves on this sweater as capped using short rows, then add a couple of pattern repeats before cuffing them. That will work, right?

Meanwhile, since I can't knit for long on this project without pain, and I'm a bit tired of the counting required for the Easy as Pie blanket, I started a simple hat. This one will probably go into the hat bin in the closet, to be grabbed for hikes during hunting season. Even though hunting is not permitted in the nature areas I visit, one can never be too careful.

Think it's bright enough?


ErinFromIowa said...

My grandson asked me to knit him a glow in the dark hat. I need to get on that!

Toni said...

Monogamy is for marriage, not crafting. :)

elns said...

Ha! I like Toni's comment. I'm really impressed with how you listen to your body when the knitting hurts and stop and do things in phases. I can't believe you persevere. Your knitting is lovely.

I love the bright orange!