Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Free yarn!

Three years ago I knit a couple of Schmattas, then never got around to sewing buttons on them. Yesterday I pulled them out of the WIP pile with every intention of adding the buttons, when I wondered, "Why bother?"

No offense to Mason-Dixon Knitting, but no one I know would want to wear one of these, including me. Do I go ahead and sew on the buttons, then tuck the neckerchiefs into the gift drawer, never to be gifted? Or do I salvage the yarn and make something someone would actually wear, like felted slippers?

Do you have items in your gift drawer that you knit reflexively but that will never see the light of day? Or items that served their usefulness in a few short weeks, never to be worn again? In the latter category are some infant outfits I knit my g'daughter. Seriously, knitting infantwear other than booties and hats is a bit of a waste because babies grow so fast; better to make a blanket that will be used for years to come.

So I'm thinking of recycling the yarn from some of those ungiftable knitted objects. The baby outfits were knit from fingering, but since it is 100% merino (no nylon), I don't want to make socks with it. Maybe gloves? Or a fine gauge scarf? If this frigid weather keeps up, underwear is definitely an option.

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