Friday, January 02, 2015

Nary a resolution but many goals

Sometimes I post an end-of-year recap of everything I knit in the past 12 months. With the way I procrastinate and have WIPs/UFOs with project lives that cross years (decades?), this exercise seems more and more pointless. Besides, I didn't finish all that much this year: two pairs of preschooler socks, two scarves, one vest, five pairs of adult socks, two preschooler sweaters (neither of which g'daughter will wear), three hats, one pair of preschooler mittens, and a doll's cape. My excuse is that I was, in spite of retiring mid-year, very busy.

So let's looks forward instead. Here are some WIPs that I plan to turn into FOs in 2015: There is a hat in the car that I work on while waiting for one thing or another, a project that I did not enter into Ravelry and whose pattern completely escapes me. Hopefully, there is a note somewhere, to remind me what it is supposed to look like.

There are also some unfinished projects I plan to frog: toddler wear that the g'daughter outgrew already, schmattas that no one I know will wear, etc. I am also eyeing a couple of FOs that languish and give no joy - maybe they will be repurposed somehow.

As far as new projects go, I have a few:

And then there will be the usual xmas knitting. Maybe this is the year I knit felted slippers for all. And I'd like to learn to darn socks. I even purchased the egg for it a while back.

But what about the spinning? you may well ask. Somehow, some way, that has fallen completely by the boards. The woman I purchased by wheel from holds a "spin in" once a month at her shop, and there is a spin in at Teasel Hill Angora Farm whenever a month has a fifth Saturday. Attending these events is part of my get-out-and-about-more resolution, and hopefully they will help jump start the wheel.

Any New Year resolutions or goals for you this year?

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Delusional Knitter said...

I also have a list of things to finish up in the next few months (like the sweater from ah hem ... 2010 ...). I spun a bit last year, but would also like to do more of that this year as well ... the fiber stash just keeps growing.