Monday, May 16, 2016

Another learning experience

The good news is, I didn't warp the loom backwards on this weaving project.

The bad news is, I tied the warp threads to the rollers instead of the warp sticks, so there was a lot of wasted yarn and the project was shorter than I planned.

This bath rug is almost the widest thing I could weave on my loom, and I had to learn to "bubble" the weft more, to prevent draw in. The last project was feltable wool, while this one is cotton, which has no give or elasticity.

Pattern: none
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton, in red, white, navy, and 'Americana'
Loom: Ashford Rigid Heddle 24"

I'm still missing the warp here and there, thanks to inconsistent tension. When I saw all the rows where the colors ended abruptly midway across, I was puzzled, until I remembered using the 'America' colorway, which is a mixture of red, white, navy, and pink.

I didn't like how the navy and white looked together on the loom, but after a trip through the washing machine (on gentle - I was afraid the rug would fall apart!) and dryer (for a little while, then hung to finish drying), the two colors played nicely together.

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Mereknits said...

I think you did great, every time I weave it is a learning project for me. I can't understand how I miss the warp threads!