Sunday, February 28, 2010


The purple Diagonal Cross-Rib socks are 100% done.

Pattern:  Diagonal Cross-Rib socks from Favorite Socks
Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in purple
Needles:  US2 and US1 DPNs (cuffs and top of leg in US2, rest in US1)
Modifications:  None, except the toe ends with a different number of stitches on the instep and sole, so I knit one more round, decreasing the extra stitches.

With a 70-stitch cast on, I figured these would fit me, and I was right.

The diagonal cross-rib slants in opposite directions on each sock, which added interest to the knit, although I had to keep track of which one went which way.

Between the number of stitches around and the elongated length of the legs, plus my big feet, it is no wonder I used up every bit of yarn in the 4-oz skein.  Oh.  I just noticed that this pattern is designed to fit a man.  Ha!  Just call me Big Foot.

The red Quickie socks from Joy of Sox made some progress, lost some headway, then surged back.  Following the short row heel instructions just did not seem to be working for me, so I checked the publisher's website for errata.  All I found was a typo in the gauge.  When I turned the second heel, though, I modified the pattern and liked the results well enough that I redid the first sock's heel.  And only then did I check the pattern on Ravelry.  There are more errata there, including the corrections I figured out for myself.

These socks still look way too small, but the pattern says they are stretchy.  We'll see just how stretchy they are.  And I thought the yarn was some superwash merino I bought a while ago, but from wrestling with it, I'm guessing I am confused about its washability.  If they are too small for anyone, maybe I will wash them and see if they felt/shrink, and if they do, they can become xmas tree ornaments.

And since I think the above socks will finish up quickly, I started another pair yesterday.

The Chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, in the chevron stitch, in my last skein of ONline Supersocke 100.  I really don't like this yarn.  It's too thin, has no body, and the colors in the stripes tend to be muddy, although this particular colorway is better than usual.  These are for my daughter because, well, she's my daughter.

Also for my daughter is the Every Way Wrap, which is all done but for the blocking.

The final ribbing took forEVER because I kept screwing up thanks to an exciting Olympics.  I'm anxious to see how the cables plump after a good soak.


Toni said...

Wow! Look at you go!!!!! They all look great!

Amy said...

Wonderful! I hope I'll knit like this one day! :)

Anonymous said...

I love those purple socks. Your purple inspired the purple of my Olympic shawl. The socks are gorgeous1